Crossroads® loyalty program

We are proud to introduce the loyalty program that gives you discounts and free cakes plus special promotions all year long. Simply order a cake and get to enjoy discounts up to 30% throughout the year. No need to register your name, all we need is your name when you make any order.

How it works:
1. Purchase your 1st cheesecake at regular price.
2. Get a 10% off automatically for your 2nd purchase.
3. For the 3rd purchase, get 20% and from the 4th purchase you will pay only 30% off throughout the year.
4. Plus, receive a free regular Crossroads® signature cake free after the 8th purchase excluding delivery charge. 
5. Our loyal customers will also enjoy members discounts and privilleges.
6. No registration required, discounts will be given based on your name, contact number and address provided in your first purchase in our records.
7. Discounts valid only for non promotional cheesecakes.
8. Valid until 31st December 2017.
9. Delivery charge not included.
10. Discounts valid only for cakes. Not valid for delivery charge.
11. Not applicable for other products.
12. Delivery available for Klang Valley, Penang and Johor Bahru.
Or call us at 011 1124 8805 to enquire.