Crossroads' Quickie with 8TV

Tonight, join Crossroads Cheesecakes at 11.30pm sharp (Saturday, April 14) for the 8TV Quickie, to catch our Founder and Business Director - Lina Lam in the flesh, as she shares all the good eats from Crossroads with hosts Prem Shanker, Ryan Matjeraie and Zher Peen! Are you excited? We are! Don't forget to tune in!

Update: Check us out in this short segment below, which showcases our one and only Malaysian Treasure - an original creation from us - which has gula melaka (palm sugar), santan (coconut milk) and dessicated coconut!

*** Crossroads Cheesecakes would like to thank Petite Millie's management and staff for allowing us to film the feature at the restaurant. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful crew at 8TV, as well as 8TV Quickie hosts Zher Peen, Prem Shanker and Ryan Matjeraie for the fantastic experience!