The Taste of Malaysia

Savor the flavor of Malaysia in a cheesecake like no other!

It's 2012, and we're about to unveil to you - our newest, most exquisite and unique flavor yet. Created with the Malaysian theme in mind, this cake for the month of January infuses the best of Malaysian ingredients into a Western recipe, resulting in a creation that is simply inspiring, different and tantalizingly yummy all at once.

Its name: Malaysian Treasure - a cheesecake so uniquely traditional that it is strange to behold. But to the taste buds, it's a sensation so delicious, it will make your mouth water. Only the cake can speak for itself, but trust us when we say that this is a dessert that you can find nowhere else in town.

Featuring santan (coconut milk) cheesecake on a crunchy coconut-cracker base, doused in sticky gula melaka (palm sugar) sauce and finished with dessicated coconut shavings for a crispy bite, this cake marries the best of East and West effortlessly. It's authentically Malaysian, and so different that you simply have to try it to believe it!