Hazelnuts in June


It's been awhile since we've released a new cake. Initially, we had planned to release a new cake every month, but in retrospect, we realize that we want to offer you great tasting, flavorful and quality cakes; not overwhelm you with choices. But if there were a "Cake of the Month" for June, this would be it.

Introducing: Hazelnut Heaven, a delightfully creamy creation for June 2012! A hazelnut-chocolate cheesecake on a deliciously crunchy hazelnut Oreo base, it's topped with a thick chocolate ganache and finished with hazelnuts. Lip-smackingly good, you'll be licking the plate clean, so do check it out!

Note: it's not in the menu, but just quote it when you order and we'll prepare it accordingly.

Price: RM95.