About Us

Entice your taste buds with hassle-free indulgence at your fingertips!

Started in October 2003, Crossroads Cheesecakes has been creating and delivering the finest cheesecakes around the Klang Valley, carving itself a niche with "Call-a-Cheesecake". Following a partnership with petrol station chain ProJET the following year, the company expanded to distribute fresh, quality cheesecakes that were immediately available off-the-shelf at stations. Serving flavors such as Blueberry Burst, Cappuccino Cravings and Lemon L'Amour, Crossroads built a reputation for rich, authentic cheesecakes that are affordable and easily accessible.

Freshly baked to perfection with pure Philadelphia cream cheese and weighing in at 1.2kg above, our diverse variety of cheesecakes include a wide range of toppings such as Oreo, butterscotch, white chocolate, caramel, and maple walnut. Perfect for birthdays, parties, anniversaries or even dinner desserts, our beautiful cakes are delightfully smooth, deliciously light and delectably moist to the bite. With delivery directly to your doorstep – home or office – ordering desserts has never been easier, now only a phone call or email away!